How do I register and make a wholesale order as your reseller?

Enter our e-shop, register your company account, fill in your billing information, delivery address and contact us via email or phone. We will then enable your account to order at wholesale prices. After refreshing the page, you will already see all products at wholesale prices and you will be able to order Fishmachine products for your store (eshop).

I would like to make a wholesale order by email or phone, is that possible?

Yes, if it is more convenient for you to order our products by email or phone, you just need to tell us which products you are interested in, how many pieces you want to order, and your billing and delivery address. We will then issue you an invoice for the ordered products and after receiving your payment we will send the products to your delivery address. Upon agreement, we can also send your order cash on delivery, so you can pay only after the package arrives.

How many items of one product do I need to order to meet the wholesale order limits?

A minimum of thirty pieces of each product must be ordered. However, it is possible to combine sizes. For example in the case of T-shirts you can order 10x sizes L, XL, XXL from one pattern. Products that are in one size must be ordered in at least 30 pieces of one type. So for example 30x buffs, 30x snapbacks, 30x caps. If you want to try with us from the beginning with a smaller order, contact us by email, we will be happy to help you.

How long will I have to wait for my wholesale order?

It always depends on the quantity of products. We ship standard orders of up to 100 pieces of one type of product within 35 days of your purchase. We ship orders that are not in stock and have yet to go into production within 55 days. After your order, we will always inform you how long the production process will take and when the goods could arrive.

What is the stock availability of products for wholesale orders?

Most of our products are stored in our production center, which is not connected to the warehouse of a regular e-shop for customers. We ship wholesale orders from the production center straight to your store. For wholesale orders, please do not look at the stock availability of individual items in the e-shop.

How do I report and return damaged order, products?

We always try to pack and hand over the products to the carriers so that they are not damaged on the way. However, sometimes these circumstances are beyond our control. Please write to us in the email which products you are complaining about, attach the invoice of your order and send us this informations by email to service@fishmachine.org. Our service team will contact you and process your claim.

I sell your products and would like to help with advertising. Can you do something for me?

We offer all our sellers, ambassadors and interesting projects to register in the section we cooperate in all language versions of our websites and e-shop. We will also publish your e-shop or store in post on our official Facebook profile. In addition, we also offer an advertising PR article on the popular fishing online magazine Zachytame.cz and Zachytame.de in the fishing shops section. And also the possibility of publishing advertising posts related to our products referring to your e-shop in fishing discussion forums in Czech, German and English language, which now have more than 100,000 members.

Can I use your captions, photos and videos for my store?

Yes, you can use them. All marketing materials can be found in our product overview from where you can simply copy and paste them into your site. However, you can also use a feed to automatically fill your e-shop with our content.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Write to us or call us, we will be happy to answer you.
email: info@fishmachine.eu
phone: +47 468 01 794

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