Products care guide

In this section we will talk about how to care for our products. Avoid destroying them unnecessarily.

So how to clean and wash our regular products?

To make our products, we use a synthetic fiber that is made of linear macromolecules. Our fibers are light, do not wrinkle and do not absorb much moisture. For this reason, we recommend washing these products at 30°C. The material is durable and does not wrinkle. Despite this, however, we recommend turning each piece of clothing inside out to avoid the formation of lint. At the same time, we recommend not using fabric softener for this type of highly functional clothing.

If there are more stubborn stains on the clothes, don't worry. Since this is a synthetic fiber, removing stains will be quite easy. Simply wash all water-based stains by hand with a regular washing powder. However, problems can be caused by greasy stains on synthetics. Use bile soap on those. Wash the stain in warm water with soap until it disappears.

You can then dry the clothes in a tumble dryer. Set the "synthetics" drying program, which will not damage the fibers. We recommend leaving the clothes inside out while drying. For classic air drying, hang the clothes on a hanger and leave them to dry out of the direct reach of the heater - so don't put clothes on radiators or near stoves. If you want to remove more moisture from your clothes before drying, wrap them in a terry towel and gently wring them out. Then hang the clothes on a hanger and air dry.

This type of material does not need to be ironed due to its non-creasing properties. But if you have unsightly folds on your clothes, you can use a classic iron. Set the temperature of the iron to only one point, which will not burn the fabric.

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How to clean and wash our waterproof products?

You can wash jackets with a membrane in the washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 40°C using a program and detergent for gentle washing. We recommend not using conventional washing powders. Use liquid products or soap bars designed for these materials. Do not use bleaching and softening additives because they destroy the membrane.

After washing, the clothes must be rinsed well. Repeat rinsing in clean water to wash away detergent residue. Try to remove heavily soiled areas by hand washing before putting them in the washing machinePre-wetting the membrane jacket in a bucket with water and added washing powder is not suitable!

Membrane clothing is waterproof, so "classic" wringing and spinning in the washing machine is irrelevant. However, you can let it wring out after washing or at least suck out the water from the washing machine (if your washing machine can do it). Do not "squeeze" by hand, as you may damage the membrane. We also do not recommend tumble drying or ironing. After washing, simply hang the jacket on a hanger, let it drain and dry. This may take several days depending on the environment, but it is the best solution. We recommend drying at room temperature.

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