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FISHMACHINE'S club bonus program

How does it work?

Register and collect FISHMACHINE'S points, which can then be used to buy any products from our brand1 FISHMACHINE'S point = 0.04 Euro. Directly below the price of each product, you will always see how many points you will receive for its purchase. Once you have collected enough bonus points, you can redeem them for your next purchase. Bonus points are added to you only after paying for the order, not immediately after placing the order. On the contrary, after the cancellation or crediting of the invoice (when the goods are returned undelivered or as returned), the points are deducted using the same formula as they were added.

An overview of the number of bonus points earned is always available from the "Login" page and clicking on "My Account" in the upper right corner of our e-shop. After logging into your account, you will find out the balance of your bonus points based on the purchases you have made. After each redemption of your points, their number will be immediately deducted from your bonus account.

When you return the purchased product, you also return the earned bonus points. Your points balance will be recalculated back to the original state before this purchase. The validity of your points is unlimited, so they can never expire. Only registered users can collect points.

What else does our program offer?

  • Over 500 collected points, you can become a huge fan and get access to our cloud, where you can upload your photos which can later appear on the website, in the catalog or in posts on social networks of our brand.
  • Over 1,000 collected points, you can become a semi-ambassador of the brand and have a 10% discount on our products. You will get access to the cloud, where you can upload your photos and other marketing materials and later appear on the website, in the catalog or in the posts of our brand on social media. networks.
  • Above 2,000 collected points, you can become a brand ambassador and have a 20% discount on our products. In addition to access to the cloud for uploading marketing materials, you will have the opportunity as an editor to publish posts on our social networks that must pass approval, you will get access to test products that are not yet on sale, but most importantly, you will become part of the great FISHMACHINE brand team.

In addition to photos, you can add your stories from the water, fishing articles, tips and videos to our cloud. You can show us how you support our brand on social networks and prove that you really are one of us. If your marketing materials are interesting and you join our cloud as a true ambassador, your activity can be rewarded much sooner.

The biggest fans and ambassadors of our brand, in addition to a 50% discount on our products, will also receive an annual budget to buy our products for free, they will be able to test products that are not yet on sale, they will be in close contact with our developers and the whole team, they will have the opportunity fishing in destinations around the world, they will be able to participate in our projects, videos and films. You can get into this position thanks to your activity, promotion on social networks and the quality or interest of your marketing materials.

(Bonus points are not currency and have no real monetary value. We reserve the right to change the parameters of the program at any time, or to cancel it. In case of abuse of the program or fraud, sanctions will include suspension of the customer's right to participate in this program. Bonus points CANNOT be used when exchanging goods! The bonus program only applies to final customers, not wholesale customers.)


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