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Water-resistant gloves, equipped with non-slip rubber on the palm and a zipper for perfect tightening around the hands. Suitable for year-round use. For ordinary spinning fishing as well as sea fishing and brutal fights.

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Developed with the goal of being labeled as the most versatile fishing gloves on the market. You can fish with them in autumn, but they can also handle winter frosts and if the temperatures are not extremely high, you will definitely use them in summer as well. All this thanks to a first-class combination of materials. Despite the fact that they consist of several layers, they are not too big and clumsy. They fit perfectly and thanks to the zipper you can pull them down so that they copy your hands. They have a very good anti-slip rubber on the palms, similar to the ones that football goalkeepers have on their gloves. So the rod will not spin or slide in your hands, even in rainy weather. The thumb, index and middle fingers are free, so that you can better set up your lures and work with the rod. The gloves will also protect you in the final moments of tackling the fish. When you have to reach for the taut fluorocarbon and pull the fish towards you or on the boat. They are water resistant, so if it rains or snows, your hands will still be dry. Water can only get inside when the gloves are submerged under the water surface. Even so, only in limited quantities. They have a neutral black design that goes well with any product in our collection. If you are looking for the most versatile gloves on the market that will surprise you with their features, here they are. FISHMACHINE Brutal fights.

  • For year-round fishing thanks to a first-class combination of materials
  • They are not too big and clumsy
  • Zipper for pulling the glove around the hand
  • Free thumb, forefinger and little finger for easy work with the rod
  • Anti-slip rubber on the palm
  • Resistance to rain and snow
  • Protection against fluorocarbon during the final stage of pulling a fish
  • Neutral black design

Size guide

Circumference: 21 cm
Length: 21.5 cm

Material and maintenance

Material: 100% softshell fabric, waterproof zip, silicon printing
Cleaning: Wash inside out in the washing machine at 30°C without fabric softener
Drying: Dry inside out in a tumble dryer on the synthetic program. Or in the air, we place the clothes on a hanger and let them dry out of direct reach of the heat source. Do not place clothes on radiators or near stoves or fireplaces.
Country of origin: Pakistan, Czech republic, Norway

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DF Avatar of author | 31/01/2024
Hello guys, especialy Zdenek. Thank you for this amazing gloves. Now I was have them on my third expedition, always amazing grip and rod handling. Keep going guys. I hope I see you again near by Seycheles! Lets go for big GT. With this gloves it sounds much easier. Daniel
FA Avatar of author | 15/09/2023
We use these gloves when fishing for tuna, they are great. Protects hands from cuts from fluo. The rod does not slip in your hands, they have a very nice grip. I would say that there are no better ones on the market. Thanks a lot FFA.
AP Avatar of author | 04/09/2023
Perfect gloves for sea fishing in all weather. I am not afraid to pull fluorocarbon with them in the last meters of the fight, especially when I am fishing for tuna. Thank you, I will definitely buy more for my colleagues. Albert Peeters - Spain Tuna CastandCatch.
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