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Buff FISHMACHINE Insulated necessity

Insulated buff is an invaluable accessory when you fishing which will protect you from colds, frostbite and the sun.

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Buffs are an underrated fishing accessory, and that's a shame. It is a very versatile thing that you try once and you will want to use it forever. The buff can be used primarily to protect the face from burns, the ears from the wind, the neck from colds and burns or as a head covering instead of a cap and hat. This type of buff is insulated. Therefore, it is suitable for the autumn or winter season or for fishermen traveling by boat on the sea. The material is warm and very pleasant to the touch, but due to its high quality it is also breathable to allow you to breathe easily. It has excellently processed stitching that is not felt on the skin. It has an original all-over design that expresses that even fishermen can have style. If you are looking for a universal accessory that will keep you safe from colds, frostbite or the sun's rays, then this buff will be the right choice for you.

  • A universal accessory that protects you from the sun, cold, frostbite or wind
  • Insulation technology
  • Warm and pleasant material
  • Perfect breathability for easy breathing
  • Excellent stitching
  • All-over design

Size guide

Length: 33 cm
Width: 27 cm

Buff is elastic, which makes it easy to put on and thus protects your neck, part of your face and ears.

Material and maintenance

Material: 100% puller fleece
Cleaning: Wash inside out in the washing machine at 30°C without fabric softener
Drying: Dry inside out in a tumble dryer on the synthetic program. Or use classic air drying. Place the clothes on a hanger and let them dry. Do not place clothes on radiators or near stoves or fireplaces.
Made in: Pakistan, Czech republic, Norway

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MB Avatar of author | 15/09/2023
All companies produce only light buffs..... Finding thick and warm is a miracle and I am glad you are making it. Its a great product. I do not go fishing without it in the winter time. Thank you Michael.
MW Avatar of author | 24/04/2023
Warmed is my favorite. Despite the insulation I can breathes well through it. Can also be used as a winterhat... Shipping to Germany 5 days. Thanks Mark Webber.
M Avatar of author | 20/02/2023
Super. In winter it´s really good thing.
LM Avatar of author | 13/01/2023
The material is warm and very pleasant to the touch
T Avatar of author | 06/01/2023
I already have the breathing necessity version at home and this one is really insulated and protects even more.
J Avatar of author | 30/12/2022
Good face protect in winter against wind. I use it especialy in norway every year we go in start of the season fishing. delivery time was been 14 days.
H Avatar of author | 29/12/2022
I bought in the summer and I am satisfied, thank you.
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